Double Your Money Back Guarantee
To receive the double your money back guarantee after 90 days, you must meet all of the criteria below…
  •  You must use the program for 90 days before requesting the double money guarantee.
  •   The Bot and the program's job is to generate leads and help with follow up, but it is up to the Realtor to close those leads. If there are any leads that have shown interest in buying or selling but the Realtor is unable to close them, a refund will not be issued. We have no control of the Realtor's ability to close a deal and it only takes one deal to have a return on your investment.
  •  Refund must be requested between 90-95 days after purchase date. Send request to
  •  You must spend at least $500 on Facebook Ads that all directly use the campaign objective of "Messages" every 30 days, within the 90 day period after purchase, totaling $1,500 in ad spend.
  •  You must show that you followed our step by step system in the Real Estate Bot Member Area and used our Facebook Ad templates. We can verify.
  •  You must have been an active member of Member's Only Facebook Group and have requested help if things didn't look like they were working. If you never asked for support and then ask for a refund out of nowhere, it will be denied.
  •  You must give us access to your ManyChat account as an admin to delete the Real Estate Bot template from your account.
    Outside of this guarantee, we have a no questions asked 14-day guarantee if you purchase the program and decide it’s not for you. Due to the nature of the program, you will have to grant us access to your ManyChat account so that we may delete our Real Estate Bot template from your account.

    Jack Lawson
    Creator/Owner of