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You Get Clients. Not Just Leads.

Join thousands of Real Estate Pros in getting better quality prospects, while lowering acquisition costs. All automatically.

Used by over
 1500 Realtors Worldwide
Used by over

1500 Pros Worldwide
Over 5000 Downloads of Real Esate Bot Templates
Over 5000 Downloads of
Real Estate Bot Templates
Creator of The Original “Real Estate Bot” Method
Creator of The Original
“Real Estate Messenger Bot”

Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Machine That Generates You

Quality Leads on Autopilot

The Real Estate Bot is a fully automated growth tool that helps you 
generate pre-qualified real estate leads that are ready to buy or sell.
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  • Low Cost for Exclusive Leads
  • Qualify Leads Automatically
  • 4x Better Engagement Rate than Email
  • ​Easy-to-set up and use
  • ​Saves time and money

So how does the 
Real Estate
 Bot work?

Drive traffic
#1 - Drive traffic to your Facebook Page's Messenger
#2 - Pre-qualify & follow up with exclusive leads using The Real Estate Bot
Take calls
#3 - Take calls only with high-quality and ready prospects

Save your time. Earn more money. Scale your business.

The Ultimate Growth Tool for Real Estate Professionals

  • Fills your pipeline with high-quality leads automatically
  • Perfect for Realtors, Investors, Mortgage Loan Officers, or Marketers
  • Turn your small business into a 6-7 figure business with a scalable system
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What Top Real Estate Pros Are Saying...

Matthew Morrey
"The system is incredible - It’s really plug and play. Jack has thought of everything! I’ve been using the messenger bot for 3 weeks now and I’m generating consistent leads everyday. It really is like having an assistant on autopilot. I highly recommend it to anybody looking to jumpstart their business!

 - Matthew Morin
Patrick Williams
“Jack Lawson, in just a week you helped me level up my lead gen game. I can’t keep up with the leads! I sent off 11 preapproval requests to my mortgage partner. We are hiring an ISA company next week to help with the follow-up.”

- Patrick Williams
Tam Gonzalez
“Jack Lawson, thank you. I wish so badly I’d come across this program a couple months earlier. I spent $1,500 on another bot training. It’s great but definitely nothing realtor related which is what I actually need so badly. I’m very thankful for this training because I already know the value and this is worth WAY more than what you’re charging.”

- Tam Gonzalez

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($5,026 Value)

The Digital Real Estate Academy
  • ​​​Access To Our Members Only Support Group ($397 Value)
  • ​Step by Step Getting Started Training ($597 Value)
  • ​Next Level Advanced Training
    ($1497 Value)
  • ​​​Proven Facebook Ad Templates
    ($997 Value)
  • ​​New Follow-Up Messenger Broadcast Messages ($347/month Value)
  • ​​​​Access To Our Members Only Support Group ($397 Value)
  • ​​​Weekly LIVE Training/Support ($697/month Value)
  • ​​VIP Support ($97/month Value)
  • ​​Monthly updates to the training and resources inside of The Digital Academy, including, but not limited to The Real Estate Bot Pro Template, new bonus bot flows, Facebook Ad templates, current training videos, and new training modules. 

SPECIAL BONUS when you sign up today

10+ ​Bonus Bot Flows ($2,497+ Value)

Bonus Graph
  • Virtual Home Tour Flow ($250 Value)
  • Listing Sign Rider Flow ($250 Value)
  • Custom Home Buyer List Flow 
($250 Value)
  • ​Auto Home Value Flow ($250 Value)
  • ​Rent VS Buy Calculator Flow ($250 Value)
  • Rental Flow ($250 Value)
  • Open House Flow ($250 Value)
  • Mortgage pre-Approval Flow
 ($250 Value)
  • ​Digital Business Card Flow ($250 Value)
  • ​Agent Recruiting Flow ($250 Value)

AND more added on a weekly basis! (PRICELESS)

That’s not all...

Sign up today and you’ll also receive

Real Estate Book

The Pro Real Estate Bot Template

($3,803 Value)

  • ​​​The Home Buyer Qualification Questions "Bot Flow" ($197 value)
  • ​The Home Seller Qualification Questions "Bot Flow" ($197 value)
  • ​Main Menu, Default Reply, Welcome Message ($127 value)
  • ​​​​​5 Ad Bot Flows That CONVERT LEADS! ($697 value)
  • "33 Touch" Email/SMS Database Follow-up ($597 Value)
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​"8x8" Seller 8 Week Email/SMS Relationship Building Follow-up ($497 Value)
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​"8x8" Buyer 8 Week Email/SMS Relationship Building Follow-up ($497 Value)
  • ​1-2 Week Seller Qualification Email/SMS/Messenger Follow-up ($497 Value)
  • ​​1-2 Week Buyer Qualification Email/SMS/Messenger Follow-up ($497 Value)
A ManyChat.com Pro account is required for our template and is separate from our program. We offer a code to get it FREE for the first month, then it's $10/month after. No contract, cancel anytime.

The Real Estate Bot is the simplest way for any Real Estate Pro to consistently grow their business in 2021.

The question is... Are you taking advantage of this field-tested and proven system?
Real Estate Products

For the first time ever we are giving 14-Day Free access to:

  • #1 The Digital Real Estate Academy ($5,026 Value)
    The most comprehensive real estate marketing course created by Realtor and Marketing Expert, Jack Lawson.
  • #2 Exclusive Bonus Bot Flows ($2,497 Value)
    The secret weapon to automating your Real Estate business and scaling it to 6-figures and beyond.
  • #3 The Pro Real Estate Bot Template ($3,803 Value)
    The Realtors ultimate messenger bot template for filling your pipeline with exclusive, high-quality, low-dollar leads, all automatically.
  • #4 90 Day Double Money Back Guarantee (PRICELESS)
    If you implement our system and it doesn’t work for you. We’ll give you double your money back. Click For Details

Total Value:  $11,326 

Today’s Price: $997 FREE

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90 Days Double Money Back Guaranteed

If you implement our system and it doesn’t work for you. We’ll give you double your money back. Click For Detail

What Top Real Estate Pros Are Saying

We know how good our program and templates are, but let's hear what other Real Estate professionals have to say about our system.
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So why are real estate pros choosing The Real Estate Bot?

Check out the features that professionals are raving over

15 Minutes Easy Install
15 Minutes
Easy Install
Works Through ManyChat.com
Works Through ManyChat.com
CRM Integration
Automatically Exports Leads to google sheet
Leads Export
to Google Sheet
Build Your Database
Build Your
Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling
Push Leads to your Website and/or App
Push Leads to your Website and/or App
Plug and Play Website Chatbox
Plug and Play Website Chatbox
SMS Text Follow-up
SMS Text
15 MinutesEasy Install
Email Follow-up
Email Follow-up

Trusted to work with the best...

1,500+ Agents, & dozens more Brokerages across 8 Countries!

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Get all you need to scale your Real Estate business in 2020.

Are you ready?

Commonly asked questions

  • Why are you offering this for free?
    Let's be real. We wouldn't give away a $2,997+ product for free unless we thought we had a better way to serve you and help you grow your business at the same time. That is why we switched our business model to 14 days free and then a very cheap monthly cost instead of a large up front investment. We give you 14 days free to give you the opportunity to view everything we offer risk free and our hope is that you love what we offer so much that you will stick around forever. 
  • ​How much do I need to spend on ads?
    You can start at whatever you want, whether that is $5/day or $500/day, but we believe the sweet spot for most agents just starting is about $15-20/day. Keep in mind that to qualify for our 90-day Action Based Guarantee it does require you to spend $500/month for 3 months to be eligible. 
  • What if I don't have a Marketing budget?
    ​First, you need to understand that you shouldn't have a marketing "budget". Meaning, you can't look at it as only having $500 to spend this month on marketing. Once you understand that you can put $10 into Facebook Advertising and make $100-$300+ out of it, you will figure out a way to spend as much money as you can on marketing. With the right system, marketing is never an expense and always an investment. Start wherever you can but plan to reinvest profits into growing your marketing spend to ultimately grow your business.
  • ​​How do I know if this will help me?
    If you are a Realtor, Mortgage Loan Officer, Investor, or Marketer looking to get qualified buyer or seller leads and build a database that will serve your business through any market, up or down, this is the number 1 thing that you can do to be successful in real estate.
  • ​What if I’m bad at tech? Can I still do this?​Yes! We make this as simple as possible for you to setup a Messenger Bot with a plug and play template and step by step video training to get you setup. If you can watch a video and follow along, you will have no problem. But of course, we are always here to help with our VIP support and Members-only FB group.
  • Why is this a subscription and not a one time cost?
    After 2 years of offering our product and program for a one time cost, we have realized that a shift in our business model to a subscription program will let us serve you better and for a longer period. One time cost programs have no incentive to continue to provide value and update their programs after they already received your money. A much lower monthly cost give us the ability and incentive to provide a consistently improving program forever.
  • ​How soon can I expect to see results?
    Most Real Estate Pros who follow our program step by step will be able to get everything setup and running the first day and will see qualified leads rolling in within the first 24 hours. As with all real estate leads, some take a little longer to actually close a deal but you are guaranteed to close or have a closing scheduled by day 90 or we will pay you double your money back... again, you must actually follow the program.
  • ​What if I don’t have the time to spend on this?
    We have options for us to install your bot template for you and also have a special offer to set up your FB Ads that we offer after signing up. We also do our best to make this a very automated system that technically won't require a ton of work after getting setup, but as with all things, you will have more success the more time you can invest into the program. We believe what we teach can literally be the most important piece of your business success so I would personally find a way to make time or reach out to us if you are looking for a more done-for-you system.
  • ​How much does it cost to maintain the bot?​ The bot runs through manychat.com and they cost $10/month that is additional to our program, the Digital Real Estate Academy. Additionally, if you utilize the email, text, & Messenger follow-up that is built into the bot template and program, it runs about $.10/month per subscriber, but that should be calculated into your monthly marketing.

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